Photo: Per Pettersson
Photo: Per Pettersson

Dinner on Ice in Lapland Sweden

Dinner on Ice is a fabulous experience. It is a luxury dinner for all the senses served on frozen ocean for between 2 and 200 people.

The snow crunches under your shoes as you walk out onto the ice. The distance you hear evocative sound of sámi juoiggos song. Follow the 300-metre avenue of flares. But take the time to stop to gaze at the star-studded sky, and with luck, the Northern lights. Once at the lávvu tent you will be received with a warm welcoming drink and information about the evening’s experience. To sit on, there are benches clad in reindeer skins along the beautifully set tables. Drinks are being chilled in a hole in the ice, which is the floor. It is below zero in the tent. Your breath steams, but in the purpose made winter clothing you have borrowed from us, you can positively enjoy the exotic cold. The only sources of light in the dark winter evening are the fire and paraffin lamps and the floor is glistening ice. On the menu are northern ingredients such as salmon, reindeer meat and bilberries. This will be a dinner to talk about…

Br‰ndˆ Konferans & Fritidsby. 2002 11 21 Foto: Per Pettersson

Foto: Per Pettersson