Our Northern Lights activities

A perfect spot for watching Aurora Borealis- the magical Northern Lights!

Brändön Lodge and Pine Bay Lodge are both located about 25 km North of Luleå, right by the coast of Swedish Lapland and the Bothnian Sea.

The area around our Lodges has very little disturbing lights, what we call “light pollution”. The open horizon with a lot of open, and in Winter time, frozen sea gives us perfect conditions for finding visibility of the lights.

Being situated a bit South of the Arctic circle also gives us a long season for Northern Lights. Our season starts by the end of August and is running all the way to the beginning of April. This gives us opportunities to offer a broad spectrum of ways to experience Aurora Borealis. In the Autumn time, we offer wilderness walks, evening boat tours, and dinners outdoors under the stars or dancing Northern Lights. During the winter season, we offer even more variations. Exclusive dinner events as well as snowshoe walks or sled-rides.

Together with cozy accommodation and good, local and healthy food, this is the perfect spot for a vacation in search for the Northern Lights.

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