Brändön Lodge and Pine Bay Lodge

Magic Northern Lights

Foto: Per Lundström

Brändön Lodge and Pine Bay Lodge

Endless Frozen Sea

Foto: Per Pettersson

Brändön Lodge and Pine Bay Lodge

Natures own Kind of Art

Foto: Graeme Richardson

Experience the Islands of Swedish lapland at Brändön Lodge and Pine Bay Lodge

Two lodges on the edge of the Bothnian Sea just north of Luleå. Offering meals and a variety of activities. Accomodations in rooms or Hotel cabins.

Brändön Lodge

Located on an Island on the coast of Swedish Lapland is Brandon Lodge. The camp overlooks the frozen sea and islands of the Luleå archipelago.The Luleå archipelago has a total of 1300 islands and only 100 residents and is a unique wilderness environment where the sea around the island freezes up to a meter thick in winter.

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Pine Bay Lodge

Pine Bay Lodge is a small hotel in the classic Swedish Red Cottage style. It is located on the coastal edge of the Luleå Archipelago, some 30 minutes away from Luleå.

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Hospitality, dedication, knowledge and beautiful scenery. That is our promise to you!

Göran Widén, Owner manager